Monday, February 1, 2010

How I rolled: Keepin' it real

Okay, let's get something straight: I would be terribly remiss if I didn't mention that moms spend a lot of time in jeans. It is a fact of life. They are comfortable, practical, and (if they are dark and lovely, like most of my faves rappers) can be worn many times without laundering. Basically, jeans are a mom's best friend.

They can also go terribly wrong. We've all seen this happen to moms before, and it's not pretty. The slouchy tee-shirts, over-sized sweatshirts and light-wash tapered leg Sears specials are not now, nor have they ever been the answer. The former make us look larger and/or slovenly, and the latter serves only to emphasize the dolphin head that resides between vag and belly button on so many of us mommies after having our uteri blown up like balloons for 9 months so Junior can live rent free.

It comes down to this: when mixing moms and jeans, proportion is crucial. If you're going to wear skinny jeans (please do), then add some volume on top for balance. Not only is it forgiving to our poor abused mid-sections, it can also help place emphasis on parts unaffected by baby. Observe:




(The caption under this photo should read, "Because my hips weren't wide enough before... Thanks, childbirth!") Snarf.

So this was my lazy-Sunday-hanging-out-around-the-house-catching-up-with-friends-and-playing-with-Miles steeze.


Let it be known that the aforementioned friends live in Canada and still came to check out our new crib, which is more than I can say for some people who live in the same freaking county--let alone, country--as me. But we'll let that ride for now...

As you might have gathered from my first post, I am down with animal print. Sadly, this cardi hasn't gotten all that much play since the day it caught my eye while waiting on a seemingly endless line in the Daffy's near Herold Square. You see, I was wearing a LOT of black at the time, and the main colors in this bad boy are cream and brown. Not my faves form of leops, but I had to have it nonetheless; I had been in the market for a leopard print cardi for ages, and this is what the universe provided.


You will note the darling faceted acrylic buttons, I hope.

Now as far as animal prints go, my rule of thumb is never to wear them without providing a juicy burst of color. In the case of this pairing, I think the cardi also saves the shirt from looking overly precious, what with the doily-looking accents and all, no? This overly precious pose, however, does not. ;)


Finally, the accessory selection is a big wet sloppy kiss to my old hood, Bushwick. Cause gaudy fake-ass gold is how we do. I also love that this necklace kind of reminds me of the chainlink ID bracelets true players used to rock in the 80s.


Some dark denim and my faves boots of the moment, and there you have it. That's how I rolled.


Cardi: A* via Daffy's ($?)
Shirt: Anne Taylor Loft ($10)
Tank: Target ($6)
Jeans: F21 ($12.50)
Boots: Mossimo for Target
Earrings: Gabriel Bros. ($3.99)
Necklace: Trifari (vintage, ebayed - $2.99)

So the moral of this story is: Mom jeans? Never cool. Moms in jeans? Yes, please, but don't forget to mind your p's and q's... proportion and... okay, so it's just your p's. Whatevs.

Smooches to my bros from up north. You guys rule. :)


So I'm still having issues with blurry photos. Can someone show me how to work this technology, or am I actually going to have to read the manual?? Gross.

Anyway, til next time, kids...



  1. Smooches back!!! Loved yer outfit too. BTW no luck at Gabe's this time but got some cute tie/scarves. Looking forward to your posting on leggings...they are not pants! :)

  2. What type of camera is it? It shouldn't be all fuzzy - you're way too cute!

  3. This is a 7.1 megapixel Canon PowerShot G6. I don't really know what that means, but I sound like I do, right? Anything with letters and numbers...

    Anyway, I'm mostly using the self-timer and the auto focus feature, but it seems like any time I get further than a 3 feet away, the pics come out all blurry. Grrr...