Friday, December 9, 2011

Amrita Singh statement necklaces!

Amrita Singh necklace

Amrita Singh necklace (see more facets jewelry)

Aaaaaah, the statement necklace. The ubiquitous--and oh so fabulous--method of making damn near anything in your closet look holiday-worthy. And since I am full on back in Mama Fatts mode (now baking bean #2!), it is my no-fail method of injecting some glamor into my seasonal steeze. Except that I didn't own one. (I know, you're like, "Are you f***ing KIDDING me??" and I'm all, "Nope. Totes serious.") Until now. Not the one pictured, mind you. That bad boy is COMPLETELY sold out, and according to Amrita Singh, they're not making any more. *sob*

Speaking of Amrita (cause we're like, BFFs now), she is an Indian jewelry designer probably most famous for her bangle bracelet sets, which have been sighted on the likes of celebs including Kim Kardashian (I know, she's a fake celebrity, but whatevs), Blake Lively, Mischa Barton, Faith Hill, and Jennifer Lopez, and featured in fashion mag heavy-hitters like Vogue, Women's Wear Daily, Marie Claire, Elle, and (for you trash lovers) Cosmopolitan. According to her website, "Amrita Singh designs have won the admiration and devotion of the fashion world, celebrities, and the everyday woman. Her unique blend of Old and New Worlds into exuberant and artistic pieces of fashion jewelry and accessories have won her accolades in the fashion industry." I am a total convert, mostly because I'm having a huge Indian-inspired jewelry phase. Go ahead, picture me elbow deep in colorful bangles. Now understand that it's even more fabulous--and ridiculous--than you imagined.

I'm not entirely certain how it all began... I do know that I've been stacking bangles for quite some time now, but the excess bling/crazy colors are a recent addition. You all know I like to keep it thrifty, so it started at an old favorite: Forevs 21. I picked up about four bangle sets on a trip in which I was meant to simply be returning/exchanging an item, but it totes wasn't my fault--I was hypnotized by the sparkles! Unfortunately for me, jewelry is final sale, and two of the sets are too damn small to fit over my hand comfortably. I'm pretty sure they were designed either for people who don't eat or people who are 12. Either way, I forced them on twice and subjected myself to cut and bruised hands for the sake of fashion. But I'm done with that now.

Enter Amrita Singh. Their bangle sets are GORGEOUS, and sometimes you can get amazing sales on their website. Forevs prices, they are not, but this is also reflected in the quality of the bangles. (A bunch of the jewels on my Forevs bracelets fell off during the first wear. Curse you, $5.50 jewelry!)

In addition to gorgeous bangle sets, they also have crucially amazing statement necklaces, like the one pictured above. This year, because I am preggers, and thus cannot justify indulging in copious amounts of clothes shopping as per usual, I--I mean "Santa"--is gifting me jewels galore. And one of my--I mean "his"--first purchases was this sick set of chandelier earrings, in Evergreen (which is sold out now--I win!):

Amrita Singh earrings

Amrita Singh earrings (see more gold post earrings)

and this matching statement necklace (also in Evergreen, [far left] also sold out. Still winning!):


Oh and Santa is super savvy, because he scored all this stuff during Black Friday sales, when they were a fraction of the price. Smart dude.

Why thank you for asking--Yes, I will in fact be rocking this set with everything. Yes, I will pretend that I am an exotic Indian princess, and refer to myself as "Parvati" or some shit (although Honey claims I look more Persian--whatevs, I'll take it.) Yes, I will prance around my house/my work/Toys R Us doing my best imitation of Indian classical dance. Perhaps I'll even wear some bells on my ankles and speak fake Hindi or Sanskrit. But any way you slice it, this year I'm spelling Merry Christmas A-m-r-i-t-a S-i-n-g-h.

And that's how I'll be rolling...

PS. Long time, no post, eh? Well that's because I haven't had anything major to procrastinate about/subconsciously avoid. But now I do. Thanks, thesis. Mama's back.

P.P.S. I promise to post actual pictures of me rocking this gear as soon as I finally get out of my yoga pants and get a life. :)

Earrings: Amrita Singh ($20)
Necklace: Amrita Singh ($40)

P.P.S.S. I'm aware that this purchase far exceeds my typical budget (aka: cheap), but come on people--it's Christmas! And Mama needs some sparkles...

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